Shanghai Party chief meets with Elon Musk to discuss Tesla's growth in China and green initiatives

Chen Zhengbao

Shanghai Party Chief Chen Jining (right) shakes hands with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Chen Jining, the Party Secretary of Shanghai to discuss the expansion of Tesla’s operations in China and the progress of its new energy vehicle and storage businesses.

At the meeting, Chen stated that Shanghai is committed to creating a market-oriented business environment that is compatible with international economic and trade standards.

He suggested that Shanghai will continue to provide a stable, efficient and convenient service policy for global companies to invest and develop in the city.

In response, Musk expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome Tesla has received from Shanghai and for the success of the Tesla Gigafactory in the city.

Chen also discussed potential opportunities for Tesla to expand in Shanghai’s low-carbon economy, developing new green products and technologies that would meet new market demands.

They expressed their hope that Tesla will continue to deepen cooperation with the city, as it moves towards becoming a green, sustainable and modern metropolis.

During the meeting, Musk and the officials also discussed topics such as technological innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development.