Sheboygan letter-writer says legislators should invest in future instead of adding to ‘slush fund’ surplus

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Legislators should invest in future instead of adding to ‘slush fund’ surplus

Our state legislators, in their constant search to save money, reduce taxes, and wear a shiny gold star on their chests, have been overlooking some serious facts.

They have deemed recipients of government assistance are lazy, undereducated, and only out to bilk the system when, in fact, many of those “on the dole” are working two or more jobs, displaced because of age, location or local disaster, or as a result of company greed and resistance to unionization.

Our working poor numbers are growing exponentially because the buying power of the dollar is decreasing by the day, largely because of corporate greed. Profits have increased significantly, as have the wages of CEOs. If the Legislature would limit stock buybacks and creation of monopolies, that point would be addressed.

Investing in adequate housing, a safe, clean place to sleep enables the recipient to be well rested and able to put in a full day of work.

Child care enables the parent to go to work, without worrying that their children are safe and cared for.

After-school programs keep the children safe and occupied, less liable to get into difficult situations with weapons, drugs or human trafficking.

Broadband should be available to everyone in this day and age. It is necessary for school, health care and to apply for a job. AND it should be available to all at a resonable cost (not only new customers for a year).

Like with education, these things are an investment with expected good returns. Invest in our future instead of adding to our “slush fund” surplus.

Judy Gmach


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