Stock Market News: Oil spikes, Apple shares near record, Target downgrade

Apple WWDC

Apple Inc.



Apple CEO Tim Cook will kickoff the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference today at 1pm ET from Cupertino, CA. Cook is expected to unveil a highly anticipated VR headset and give clearer guidance on its AI strategy.

This as shares hit an all-time high Monday.

Oil spikes

Symbol Price Change %Change
USO $64.15 1.60 2.56
XOM $105.76 2.40 2.32
CVX $156.26 4.10 2.69
COP $102.35 2.82 2.83

Oil jumped nearly 3% trading above $73 per barrel after Saudi Arabia led a 1 million plus production cut. The move may drive prices at the pump higher.

Walmart beefs up AI

Walmart Inc.



Walmart unveiled its AI strategy being implemented at its Supercenters across the nation.