Top 13 New Upcoming Coinbase Listings in June 2023: Invest Ahead of The Curve

Investors eyeing to reap major gains are always on the hunt for upcoming listings on major exchanges like Coinbase. The crypto exchange holds a lot of sway in the crypto market. If Coinbase decides to list a coin, it can be taken as a nod of approval, and the project can expect a boost to its price. So, a smart move is to look for coins that have not yet been listed on the trading platform but will be soon.

In this article, we are going to review the top 13 upcoming Coinbase listings for the month of June. We will talk you through the properties of each project and outline why we think these projects are the best opportunities to invest in now before the inevitable bump that comes with a Coinbase listing.

Top 13 New Upcoming Coinbase Listings to Invest in 2023

We have done the hard work for you and trawled through various presales, listing announcements, and everything else to come up with the 13 best upcoming Coinbase listings.

We feel adding a mix of some coins that are already listed on the site with upcoming Coinbase listings gives readers a more balanced view and can let them diversify their portfolio. 

So, let’s take a look at the best Coinbase has to offer.

  1. Wall Street Memes – A meme coin that has already surpassed $4 million raised in just a few days of its presale phase. This token brings a huge online community with us that includes $1 million followers across social media channels. Just to add fuel to the already roaring fire, Google’s new AI technology also thinks that the coin could pump by 352% this year.
  2. AiDoge – The presale of this meme coin broke all can’t of records and ended up selling out in just a month, raising close to $15 million. The hype likely comes from the fact this will be the first project to introduce us to the meme-to-earn concept. The listing will begin soon, and a coinbase one will really help AiDoge pump.
  3. Launchpad XYZ – Coinbase loves listing coins that show innovation, launchpad XYZ will be a perfect marriage in that case. The project recognizes that Web 3.0 can be overwhelming for a lot of people, so they have made a platform that will be the user’s one-stop shop for everything related to the technology.
  4. Ecoterra – Green projects are great bets for long-term investment, and you can be sure this is considered when new listings on Coinbase are coming up. Ecoterra is likely to end up as the number one green coin sooner rather than later, thanks to its real-life environmental benefits and unique rewards.
  5. yPredict – Coinbase future listings will likely be looking for projects that incorporate AI technology as it is so hot in the crypto world right now. yPredict is a platform that will host all the best AI/ML experts, financial quants, and traders. By simply buying YPRED you can access all of these and use their tactics to get an edge over the market.
  6. DeeLance – Freelancing has exploded in popularity as a method of working since the pandemic. It is likely the traditional office will be a thing of the past, so why is the way employers and freelancers connect still stuck in the past? DeeLance will aim to solve this by introducing a decentralized platform that will make everyone’s life easier and more profitable.
  7. Copium Coin After the explosion of Pepe Coin the meme coin market has been injected with new life. It has also caused a ripple effect with coin creators as many try to capitalize on the success that PEPE had. One coin that has the potential to replicate its success is Copium Coin thanks to its close link with the crypto community.
  8. Spongebob Token – Another meme coin that could pump as much as Pepe coin is Spongebob Token. The meme is also synonymous with the online crypto community, and the fact it already has listings with reputable exchanges means a potential Coinbase listing is much more likely than for most coins.
  9. Ripple – New listings on Coinbase are always important to monitor to try and get an edge over the rest of the market. Ripple, a long-time feature on the trading platform, is no longer available. However, with recent positive news being leaked from its trial vs the SEC it will likely be back on the platform sooner rather than later.
  10. Dogecoin – As we mentioned, meme coins are more popular now than ever so they feature heavily on this list. One of them already on Coinbase but not performing great lately is Dogecoin, the original meme coin. Could the influx of investors to the sector eventually lead to a revival for a token long considered the king of meme coins?
  11. Shiba Inu – We cannot include Dogecoin on a list like this without also including Shiba Inu. DOGE’s main rival since it was founded in 2021, has also come on hard times. However, the meme coin popularity could lead to a comeback for the coin already listed on Coinbase. The ecosystem has grown a lot, and this development could be rewarded soon.
  12. Pikamoon – The best new listings on Coinbase need to feature at least one P2E game. Pikamoon is one of the latest listings already on Coinbase, but it is still going through presale. The game, which is heavily based on Pokemon, is likely to draw a lot of players from that community, and its great earning opportunities will keep them around.
  13. Pepe Coin – The top 13 Coinbase new listings wouldn’t be complete without the meme coin that caused total chaos in the market when it pumped by 70000%. An overnight sensation, many think its days are done and have moved on. However, does its initial success mean it can make a comeback and pump again? 

New Upcoming Coinbase Listings Reviewed

We’ve crunched the numbers, we’ve left no stone unturned, and these are the top 13 upcoming Coinbase listings for June. So, let’s get into the weeds and look at what properties each coin has that have earned it a place on this list.

Wall Street Memes – Google’s AI Predicts an Incredible 2023 Instore For $WSM

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is one of the most hyped coins ever to go through presale and has huge potential to be included in Coinbase new listings once it is launched.

The presale only began just but already has passed milestones at a rapid rate as clearly the hype is also felt by investors. There are a few different reasons for its early success that together make the perfect storm for a meme coin to succeed.

What led to the initial success of the presale was likely the huge following that Wall Street Memes has. Most readers that like crypto and spend time on social media will likely be familiar with the brand, which has over 1 million across its platforms.

Notably, they have some famous followers too. Magic Eden, the very popular NFT trading platform, and crypto YouTuber and trader Cameron Fous are two of the most prominent. 

We all know how important a community movement can be in crypto, and Wall Street Memes has one of the biggest around. Add to the mix the huge following of some of their prominent followers, and the reach they have gets even bigger. There is even a possibility of Elon Musk being a fan of crypto.

Twitter’s owner and most followed account has twice interacted positively with the Wall Street Memes account, leading many to speculate he could tweet about the token soon.

Musk’s interactions with the account show that one of the few accounts he follows is posting the account onto his feed which increases the likelihood he interacts favorably with the account and its new token. Musk has the power in the crypto community to cause a coin to pump just by mentioning it, as seen previously with Dogecoin.

[embedded content]

While we cannot say for sure what the Coinbase criteria is for adding listings, it has recently been paying attention to meme coins that pump a lot like Pepe Coin.

This is why the most positive bit of news so far for Wall Street Memes might be the AI Bard price prediction. Google’s new AI chatbot is taking the market by storm after some savvy investors noticed that, unlike ChatGPT, the technology has no problem making future crypto predictions.

For those that don’t want to do the calculation, AI Bard thinks that Wall Street Memes has the potential to pump by 352% from its starting price at the beginning of the presale. It, of course, warns us that this isn’t a certainty and the market changes, but even the conservative amongst us could hardly not be impressed with this prediction.

At the time of writing, the price of one $WSM is $0.0271. In total, there are 30 stages that leave investors plenty of time to get involved. However, this presale is moving fast, so the price will continue to surge until it reaches its listing price of $0.0337. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

Presale Started

26 May 2023

Purchase Methods




Hard Cap


Min Investment

100 $WSM

Max Investment



AiDoge – Record-Breaking Presale Should Catch the Eye of Coinbase 

As we mentioned, we cannot for sure predict what Coinbase future listings will be. However, we can look at when they add coins and try to put the pieces together to get to the why. Successful presales are certainly some of the coins that end up on Coinbase listings. If that is the case, then AiDoge (Ai) will have a stronger case than almost any other coin to end up on the platform sooner than later.

The meme coin managed to sell out in just a month after it hit its $14.9 million hardcap faster than even the most optimistic expert could have predicted. The coin should not be confused with Arbdoge as one crucial difference sets AiDoge apart from other meme coins, and that’s utility.

The coin will combine two of the hottest trends in the crypto world today; meme coins and AI technology. Perhaps even more exciting is how it will introduce us to the concept of meme to earn.

The market is nearly overly saturated with P2E games, so something as unique as a platform that debuts meme-to-earn as a way for investors to earn passive income likely puts it on the Coinbase future listings radar.

The AI is used in a way that benefits both the projects and its users. Investors will be able to utilize it to make top-quality memes as it will have expert-level knowledge of the crypto market and can help with edits and templates.

AiDoge is at its roots a meme generation platform, but it will have a competition element that will likely keep its users around. A voting system will ensure the cream always rises to the top so the best meme creators will be able to see their work displayed prominently on the top pages. More importantly, they will also be able to earn native currency through competitions and other reward networks. 

[embedded content]

As we mentioned, the AiDoge presale sold out, but investors can still purchase the token at the listing price of $0.0000336. The listings will begin in Q3 and are eagerly anticipated among the crypto community, and expect it to be featured in top new Coinbase listings very soon. Learn how to buy AiDoge here.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, Credit Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $14,900,000
Min Investment 38,461 $AI
Max Investment  None

>>>Visit AiDoge Post-Presale<<<

Launchpad XYZ- Change From Web 3.0 Amateur to Expert 

As we said, Coinbase crypto listings tend to reward innovative projects, so applying this logic to presales could see you make an accurate prediction that is great for your crypto wallet. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is one of the smarter ideas we have seen come through presale in quite a while, so we think it will feature on some hottest new Coinbase listings very soon. You can learn how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.

The idea revolves around the ever-evolving crypto market and its relationship with Web 3.0 technology which is now intertwined with the industry.

The inventors understand that some things Web 3.0 can be overwhelming to many as it is all very new, and let’s be honest, if it isn’t your full-time job, it can be difficult to keep up with every new development.

The site aims to be a user’s one-stop shop for everything to do with new technology, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. It hopes to answer all your questions, whether that is what is the best Web 3.0 crypto to invest in or the best Web 3.0 game to play.

The site’s main aim is to add a human element to the technology and make it more relatable for its users. It will help not only individuals but businesses onboard the technology so they can modernize their brands.

Interestingly Launchpad aims to revive the NFT hype by having a specific part of their site dedicated to them where users can view marketplaces and find the NFTs with the most potential.

[embedded content]

The listing price will be $0.0565, so there is a chance for investors to see a return of over 20% even before the listings begin. If it is included in any upcoming Coinbase listings, expect the price to really take off.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $12.5 million
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

>>>Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale<<<

Ecoterra- The Future Number 1 Green Token, a Likely Coinbase Addition

The crypto community as a whole recognizes that things will need to change for it to survive. It already has a bad image when it comes to green practices, and incoming regulation will likely force much more green targets onto the industry.

Getting involved in green projects like Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) now rather than waiting for these inevitable regulations will see you make the most of the situation.

Some of the newest crypto on Coinbase include projects with green-friendly practices, so this is likely an indication of things to come. The problem with a lot of the green projects out there is that a lot of them employ a fair amount of tokenism, and it is hard to know where the actual environmental benefits come from. This is the case with Ecoterra.

Not only will their process have clear physical benefits for the environment, but even their rewards program is beneficial to mother nature. Have you ever been in a supermarket and you’ve seen other shoppers get store credit for returning bottles and another empty packaging to a machine? This is how users will be able to earn ECOTERRA in the future.

Investors will just have to scan their items using the app before recycling, and they will receive an equivalent amount of native currency. Businesses will be encouraged to do this on a company-wide scale to earn carbon credits, so the benefits could be very substantial. As we mentioned, even the rewards are green, as ECOTERRA can be used to pay for tree planting, beach clean-ups, or even to pay for environmental courses.

[embedded content]

The listing price will be $0.01, but investors that get involved now can see just under a 9% return before the CEX listings begin.

Presale Started March 29
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Hardcap $6.7 million
Min Purchase $10
Max Purchase N/A

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yPredict- A Platform That Employs Top 1% of AI Developers 

The day when a trader can open up a crypto platform, look at some metrics, and then make an informed investment decision seems to be gone, thanks to AI and other technologies creating algorithms more efficient than any human could ever hope to make.

Coinbase listings soon will likely contain a lot of projects that cleverly utilize AI. It is likely yPredict (YPRED) will top that list. As their whitepaper says, their platform will have the top 1% of AI developers working behind the scenes crunching the numbers to come up with the best strategies for us mere mortals to use.

Purchasing YPRED will give you access to the data, and if you know what to do with it, that will be enough for you. However, to get the best traders’ strategies, you can purchase subscriptions. The developer’s fee will come from 70% of every YPRED token purchased, while holders will also receive 10%.

According to the site, there are over 20,000 people already on the waiting list to use the site, so considering the presale is still ongoing, this is very impressive. Crypto has been crying out for a platform like this, but so far, projects have failed to capture the imagination, yPredict looks like it is ready to fill this gap in the market. Discover how to buy Ypredict here.

[embedded content]

Right now, 1 YPRED would cost you $0.09, with the listing price going off at %0.12. This 25% return should have potential investors licking their lips as early indicators suggest the price will pump once the listings begin. Keep an eye out for new listings on Coinbase for yPredict in the near future. 

Presale Started February 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $6,507,511
Min Investment 200 YPRED
Max Investment None

>>>Visit yPredict Presale<<<

DeeLance – Employers And Freelancers Ready to Flock To A New Platform

Trying to predict Coinbase future listings can be difficult, but as we have already mentioned, innovation will always give a project a chance to end up listed on the platform. One way to be innovative is what DeeLance (DLANCE) is doing, which is looking at any existing service and figuring out a way to improve it.

This is what they will do by improving how freelancers and employers connect with each other. So many more people have turned to freelancing as their way to work since the pandemic, but the way they connect with employers has stood still. Platforms like Upwork are functional but fall down in a lot of areas.

DeeLance will be a decentralized platform that will use Web 3.0 technology on their platform to streamline the process for both sides. One unique way they do this is by assigning NFT tokens to employers to signify ownership.

This can be a sticking point for many freelancer and employer relationships as it can be hard to figure out when the work officially changes ownership, this will now be a thing of the past.

A peer-to-peer payment system will likely be the most attractive aspect of the platform for freelancers. A system like this means unlike Web 2.0 platforms, a third-party payment company is not necessary, and therefore fees will be lower on DeeLance.

Add to this an escrow system for payments between employers and freelancers, and the problems that have existed previously have all but disappeared.

[embedded content]

The listing price will be $0.057, which represents a chance for over 35% returns before the CEX listings if you invest in it before the next price increase.

Presale Started March 30
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap $6.8 million
Min Purchase $10
Max Purchase N/A

>>>Visit DeeLance Presale<<<

Copium Coin – Could This Be The Successor to Pepe Coin

Among Coinbase’s new listings recently was Pepe Coin (PEPE). This represented a landmark moment for meme coins as many of the top exchanges previously would not list them, especially ones as young in their lifespan as PEPE.

This has opened up the door for many pretenders to the throne to try to replicate the overnight success of meme coins. There has never been such a saturation of meme tokens for investors to choose from, but one that has real potential is Copium Coin ($COPIUM).

There are two main reasons for this. The first is $COPIUM represents one of the internet’s favorite memes and, even more importantly, one synonymous with the crypto community.

Any meme coopted by the community tends to perform well, PEPE being an example of this. Although these movements can seem random, there are small trends like this you can focus on.

The second reason is one that makes it a Coinbase potential listings feature. That is unlike many meme coins it has set up to prevent any future rug pulls.

Investors can only buy a max of 1 ETH worth of $SCOPIUM, which leaves it in a great place to not only pump once it launches but also to remain towards the top of the meme coin ladder. Read our full Copium Price Prediction here.

[embedded content]

Copium Coin is actually an invite-only presale which makes it unique. You need to receive an invitation, but you can increase your chances of this by 3 methods. Meme creation, social engagement with their sites, and showing an early interest in the presale. As it is only a couple of weeks old, this is still possible. 

Presale Started May 18
Purchase Methods ETH
Chain Ethereum
Hard Cap N/A
Min Purchase N/A
Max Purchase 1 ETH

>>>Visit Copium Coin Presale<<<

Spongebob Token- Another Meme With PEPE Potential

Trying to predict what coins Coinbase will add to their listings can be an Olympic sport in its own right. However, going for a meme coin that is based on a universally loved TV show will likely prove to be a good start.

Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) is made in the image of the animated TV show ‘Spongebob Squarepants’. The show is steeped in internet history and it is likely the most memed show across all of social media. Just like with $COPIUM, the specific meme used by the project is one that is loved by the online crypto community.

There was no hype behind the launch of the meme coin, but soon after its launch, it pumped by 1200% and turned a lot of heads as many thought it was about to replicate the success of PEPE. The project was very unlucky and at its height, the market experienced a dip. 

Since then, it has gone from bad to worse for the token, which is now at a lower price than it began. So why is it included in our Coinbase potential listings rankings?

A coin that had the success that $SPONGE, no matter how brief that was, always has the chance of recreating that, especially one based on such a popular meme. You can read our full $SPONGE price prediction here. 

[embedded content]

It represents a good buy-low spot, and a Coinbase listing would really help it reach previous heights. Spongebob Token is listed on lots of other reputable exchanges, which gives it a better chance with Coinbase. At the time of writing, you can purchase one $SPONGE for $0.0002172. Find out where to buy $SPONGE here.

>>>Visit Spongebob Token Site<<<

Ripple – Rublings Coming From The Trial Suggest Good News For Ripple

While Ripple (XRP) won’t feature on any new coinbase listings today or in the immediate future, we could be seeing one of crypto’s biggest tokens back there soon. The coin was dropped from Coinbase, but they could soon be reversing that decision if rumblings coming from the trial are anything to go by.

The trial we are referring to, of course, is the SEC vs Ripple which has been going on for close to 3 years now. It comes down to whether or not the crypto can be considered a security or not. There have been indications for a while now that the SEC has been struggling with their case, and news broke a little over a week ago that confirmed this.

Apparently, the SEC has emails before the trial that include strong advice that Ripple could not be considered a security. This would severely damage their case, and the market movement surrounding Ripple reflects this.

The above shows the 7-day chart for Ripple, and as you can see, the news has clearly been enough to alleviate any fear investors may have. Potential investors should consider getting involved before a final verdict, as Ripple is likely to pump if they win the case.

As we mentioned Coinbase recently dropped Ripple from their exchange. However, if Ripple is indeed not considered a security, expect them to almost immediately appear in a Coinbase new listing alert. The crypto asset is too big to ignore in that sense.

Dogecoin – Could New Influx of Investors Mean a Comeback?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is not going to appear on any upcoming Coinbase listings because it’s already available to users on the site. However, that is where the good news ends for the original meme coin. DOGE has had a nightmare lately as its price seems to do nothing but tumble.

For years Dogecoin has been the number one meme coin, but now for the first time ever, its position is in real danger and worse. The project likely has only itself to blame as the only movement they have made in recent times is to try and get DOGE accepted as a payment method.

So why is it on this list? Well, a community is a huge part of how a meme coin performs, and despite all these new coins grabbing a lot of attention, DOGE still dominates when it comes to social media presence, highlighted by their 3.8 million followers on Twitter. They also remain the only cryptocurrency that Elon Musk follows affiliate accounts of.

It represents a great buy-low opportunity as it is likely going to get worse than this. The fact it is already on the Coinbase listings means it is also easier for readers to get involved with it by following the instructions at the bottom of this piece.

Shiba Inu – Like DOGE, Nostalgia Could See It Pump Again 

Like Doge, there will be no upcoming coinbase listings for Shiba Inu (SHIB) as it is already available on the site. Shiba Inu was originally created as a joke, so there is a certain irony to the fact its price is also tanking at the time of writing.

Those involved with the project and coin holders can feel hard done by as they have made considerable effort to develop the ecosystem, including creating the very first meme coin layer-2 network. The price suffering likely has nothing to do with their efforts but more investor fatigue.

It had just been DOGE and SHIB for so long at the top of the meme coin market that investors are likely more excited by all these new projects being introduced to the market. It is for this reason that SHIB has been included in this list.

Unlike DOGE, it has added considerable utility to the ecosystem. This is what the new generation of meme coins has that the old didn’t, so this development could be rewarded in the future. Like DOGE, they have a huge community behind them, so it represents a good buy-low spot for the future.

Pikamoon – New P2E Could Attract a Huge Following 

Pikamoon (PIKA) is already available on Coinbase wallet despite still going through presale. That presale has just passed the $2.7 million raised mark as hype begins to build around the blockchain game inspired by the hit tv show and corresponding games; Pokemon.

It is a very smart tactic to base your new P2E game on a game that’s successful in traditional gaming circles, and that is to attract said gamers. While blockchain gaming is growing at a speed of knots, it is still lightyears behind the platform traditional gaming has built.

Pokemon is not only a successful tv show but one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Even if Pikamoon can bring over a tiny percentage of those gamers, they will be doing fantastically well. The first look at the game is very promising, too, as it seems to have an in-depth brochure of characters, and the graphics look excellent.

Another attractive factor that Pikamoon brings to the table is its deflationary nature. 5% of each PIKA token purchased will be burned to ensure that the total amount of coins in supply never surpasses 50 billion. This creates scarcity which the market loves and gives it the potential to be one of the best new listings on Coinbase.

Pepe Coin- Can’t Rule Out a Potential Comeback After Coinbase Listing 

We have mentioned Pepe Coin (PEPE) enough in this piece, so it would be unfair not to include it on any Coinbase listings rankings. The meme coin, which came out of nowhere and pumped 70,000%, literally made investors rich overnight.

It also opened up the market for meem coins as investors pile in to try and find the next coin that would make them rich. Coinbase adding the meme coin to its platform is a huge development as start-up meme coins have found it traditionally very difficult to find a place on exchanges of Coinbase’s caliber.

PEPE’s performance has been nearly identical to DOGE and SHIB, as it has taken a big hit recently. It is also on our list for the same reason as the above two, the community movement that rowed in behind the meme coin was historical.

A few big investors leaving drastically affected its price in a negative manner, but the community has been established. The fact it has gained a place on the Coinbase listings means its potential remains. Do not rule out a pump in the near future.

What Are The Upcoming Coinbase Listings?

Coinbase has not officially announced any new tokens that they will be adding to the platform soon, but as we said, there are some tactics to get ahead of the curve. You may have noticed the pattern of presale coins in our rankings of Coinbase potential listings.

This is because all good exchanges keep an eye out for what is up next. We may not know exactly what they are looking for, but we do know that factors like utility, innovation, and a large community following are all likely to get you a listing with the platform.

Why You Should Invest Before a Coins Listing on Coinbase

We have touched on this already in the opening, but the reasoning behind this is quite simple. Platforms like Coinbase put in a lot of man-hours and resources to decide what coins end up on their platform. Any new listings on Coinbase have been thoroughly researched by their staff.

Of course, the potential the crypto has for its investors is a big factor, but arguably more important is the background checks Coinbase has in place. They have very strict security measures in place to ensure any project on their platform is not in any way a scam or will perform in any sort of nefarious ways.

Investors like them pour investments because there is a level of trust there. They know once Coinbase has given it a blessing, the project can be considered legit, and they can invest. This normally leads to the price pumping therefore, it is better to invest before the coinbase listings to get the best possible return on investment.

How to Invest in New Coinbase Cryptos

Many of you may already have purchased crypto using Coinbase, but for those of you that haven’t, it isn’t a difficult process, but it is still handy to have a step-by-step guide to ensure you are not encountering any added fees you need not pay.

Coinbase charges fees for their service, but they are very reasonable considering the service you are getting. There is no flat fee for their platform as things like location, currency, and what crypto you are purchasing all factor in. Here is a simple guide to get you started.

  • To start off, you will need to go through the normal process of setting up an account. This will involve submitting your name, address, and proof of identity, such as a passport photo. Depending on your location, you will also be asked for some proof of citizenship, such as the last 4 digits of your security number in the United States.
  • Next, you will need to choose what payment method you will be using to fund your account. Again this will depend on what country you are in, but in general, Coinbase will have you covered as you can use a bank account, debit card, wire transfer, PayPal account, Apple Pay, or Google Pay to fund your Coinbase account.
  • Once you have your digital wallet set up, you will be ready to go. Choose however many of the top new Coinbase listings you wish to invest in and follow the instructions.

How To Invest In Coinbase?

Coinbase has its own stablecoin called USDC. Those that are impressed with everything Coinbase does they can choose to invest in the site. However, they should be aware that it works differently from normal tokens.

The coin’s price actually depends on the US dollar, so it is not affected by the same factors that affect the coins on its site. Holders of USDC can actually get rewards on the Coinbase site if they use the stablecoin. Interested parties can buy the coin on the Coinbase site just like you would any other crypto.

How To Know When Coinbase Adds New Coins

Coinbase is much more selective than its biggest rival, Binance, with what coins they add to their exchange. As we said, this means that any new Coinbase listings can expect a big increase in price as investors trust the exchange.

Unfortunately, there is no service that alerts investors any earlier than the general public, so the best way to keep up to date on new listings on Coinbase is to follow their accounts on social media. If you want to gain any edge you can, you should turn on notifications for their tweets so you are one of the first to see their new announcements.

New Upcoming Coinbase Listings – FAQs

How many coins are on Coinbase?

How often does Coinbase add new coins?

How can you get Coinbase new listings alerts?

Final Thoughts

So to put a bow on it, we think you are now armed with not only a better knowledge of how Coinbase works but also the potential top 13 new upcoming Coinbase listings in June. We are particularly fond of the first 8 listings as we believe all have the chance to pump massively once they are listed on the exchange.

However, if we are to pick one coin that we think will both end up on Coinbase and pump massively, it would be Wall Street Memes ($WSM). There are just so many factors going on in the background that suggest this could be the biggest meme coin ever. The timing of its presale is also perfect, so really it feels like a perfect storm.