Top economist David Rosenberg says the US economy is a 'dead man walking' – and warns of a 'hard landing' ahead

  • David Rosenberg rang some of his most bearish alarms yet about the US economy. 
  • “Don’t believe the hype! This economy is a dead man walking,” the top economist tweeted. 
  • The Rosenberg Research chief said the US was headed for a “hard landing” later this year. 

David Rosenberg just turned even more bearish about the US economy. 

“Don’t believe the hype! This economy is a dead man walking,” the Rosenberg Research chief said in a tweet on Thursday that also linked to an interview he gave to Wealthion

“You look at the United States and it seems to me that we’re still making this transition from expansion to recession,” Rosenberg said. 

“I know it sounds extremely controversial to talk about the US going into recession, just because the lagging and coincident indicators are telling you that we’re into something brand-spanking new about a no-landing or a soft landing. We’re heading into a hard-landing in the second half of the year,” he said.

That strengthened the case for a global recession, Rosenberg added. 

Economist David Rosenberg.


The veteran economist also hit out at the Federal Reserve too, saying it “cherry picks” a favored inflation measure and could cause considerable harm to the US economy if it continued to raise rates aggressively.

Rosenberg doubled down on deflation fears, adding the Fed had already hit its 2% inflation target according to measures other than the Consumer Prices Index. 

“They just refuse to believe it because of hubris,” he said of the central bank. “They’ll crush the economy – we haven’t seen the full effects of tightening yet,” he argued. 

Rosenberg has been vocal about US recession concerns, saying an economic downturn had arrived but nobody’s yet noticed it