Weekly poll: How much of a role do advisers play in the shift to ESG investments?

Climate change and the need to shift investments towards more sustainable themes is one of the great topics of our time.

Morningstar believes advisers have played a key role in the rapid growth of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, as they explain it in plain language to clients.

Nicolo Bragazza, associate portfolio manager at Morningstar Investment Management told Money Marketing advisers have played a great role in the story.

He said the market is “well ahead of where it was three years ago” and that the growth of ESG investing has been “spectacular”.

While advisers themselves are still on a learning curve in relation to ESG but the profession is learning more about the topic as time goes on, Bragazza added.

Still, an adviser can let the client know about the entire ESG picture before deciding to invest, which is imperative.

This has led to our weekly poll below.

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