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In The News


Quick MSFT Short…

One of the world’s most valuable companies appears to be experiencing a short term drop. Keep your stop loss tight, and take a look at this brief dip from a company that will certainly shoot back up in the coming days. Source: Investing Lab

I’ll Buy or Sell That For a Dollar!

Source: Today’s featured video is for the trader who makes quick decisions. With a long term trend line, the option has recently experienced short term drops. This short term move will benefit anyone who likes to trade high amounts of shares and get small moves.

Shutting Doors Yielding Soaring Stocks? JC Penny Thinks So..

Could closing stores actually pave the way for a return to a profitable business? According to recent developments in the market, JC Penny appears to be proving this true, as displayed by CNN Money . Up 20% this year, JC Penny closed out August at their highest since September of 2013. There is still work [...]