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In The News


Financial Services Giant Positions for Breakout

Considered one of the top financial services corporations in the world, American Express’ stock shows breakout buying opportunities over the coming week. And even though this trade can be considered a long trade (compared to the timing of our typical …

Tyson Flying Higher

Here’s a stock from a food industry giant that has shown above-normal earnings and is poised to break out above its current trading levels and continue to move higher.

With a good risk-to-reward ratio, our top trading expert, Jason Fielder, …

A Bull Flag, ‘Diamond’ of a Trade

Here’s a stock you can probably ride all the way up.

If a diamond’s sparkle has ever caught your eye, todays’ trade-pick-of-the-day will, too. This stock, from a well-known jewelry retail giant, keeps demonstrating a bull flag chart pattern …