Invest Your Way to Productivity

Business leaders are likely experiencing many new challenges right now. Amid rising inflation and global economic challenges, it’s become vital to rethink how to maximize productivity to achieve business growth. The cost-of-living crisis has also meant that many employees are looking for ways to cut down spending, and with it a move to increased hybrid ways of working, putting new pressures on existing infrastructure.

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It’s a pressure that will continue as businesses try to weather the storm. Many leaders will find it tempting to let economic concerns overshadow all other considerations, but prioritizing money-saving strategies above all else will not help businesses in the long term.

All-in-one solutions can provide shorter setup times and fewer technical issues. (Image credit: MAXHUB)

With hybrid working here to stay, enhancing productivity and enabling collaboration has never been more important for businesses. Investment in Pro AV conferencing solutions that facilitate a new era of collaboration between employees in hybrid settings will prove key to productivity and job satisfaction and—ultimately—keep businesses competitive.

Split Workforce Realities

Someworkers are returning to the office to avoid rising heating bills and other home office expenses. Others are staying at home to avoid the cost of the commute, which for two thirds of Londoners can cost almost $80 per week on average, according to the Evening Standard.

A split workforce makes finding the right in-office tech solutions more vital than ever, particularly when considering that it is central to employees performing to the highest standard. Recent MAXHUB research found that 28% of U.K. workers do not feel their company has the correct hybrid working technology in place to support them, while a further 59% of workers take up to 10 minutes to setup virtual videoconferencing technology when working from the office.

When investing in hybrid working technology, it’s the needs of employees that should form the basis of business strategy.

Outdated technology could be slowing businesses down and ultimately costing them in the long run. That’s why it’s important that organizations look past the current climate and remove these hurdles from their workforce. Businesses can create bespoke hybrid workplaces using technologies and solutions that cater to their specific needs. They need to support future business success with quality investments, especially as video and audio conferencing technologies are becoming much more accessible for businesses of all sizes.­­

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It’s now estimated that more than 30% of full-time U.K. employees are working in a hybrid model, and 72% of workers would consider changing jobs if they were dissatisfied with their ability to be flexible at work. Such findings demonstrate the importance for employers to embrace functional remote and hybrid working practices.

In recent years, the quality and portability of AV technology has evolved considerably. For hybrid working to be successful, remote workers need to be guaranteed the same opportunities as those working from the office, successfully communicating and collaborating with their colleagues from a distance.

All-in-one solutions make it easy for employees to engage with their teams with shorter setup times and fewer technical issues. Tools that empower communication, such as MAXHUB’s UC M40 all-in-one conferencing device, ensure that businesses are not only able to function well in a hybrid structure, but also that employee satisfaction (and retention) is maintained.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to enhance the in-person or remote employee experience. However, quality, user-friendly designs are key, as IT managers and decision makers need to rethink the tools and facilities they implement in each space to maximize productivity.

Bespoke Solutions for Unique Spaces

In the current climate, businesses need to ensure they’re encouraging maximum productivity. Enabling collaborative workplaces to connect colleagues wherever they are working is key to this. Pro AV and how it combines with the design of the meeting room space is essential to optimizing collaboration and productivity. Not only does this bridge the gap between meeting participants in the room and online, but all in-person meetings will also be improved.

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Working with the right partner and distributor can offer businesses the solutions needed to modernize and create an effective and suitable working environment, ensuring that each space meets their unique requirements. Large organizations right through to SMEs can access a vast range of high-quality UC and IFP solutions at a price point to suit all budgets. While establishing such a setup does require initial investment, it’s a strategy that pays for itself in the long run.

By promoting productivity, enabling workers to focus on tasks, reducing time spent dealing with outdated or non-functional tech, and most importantly boosting collaboration, businesses will see financial and personnel dividends.

When investing in hybrid working technology, it’s the needs of employees that should form the basis of business strategy. Business leaders must understand their office spaces and needs, and determine which solution will meet its intended purpose within the shape and size of the space available to them. It may sound paradoxical, but the best way to navigate the economic uncertainty is investment—smart, bespoke investment in your tech to ultimately invest in your people.